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Tweet After You Dead …


Although life is something short-lived, your twitter account can be ever lasting.

LivesOn is a new controversial twitter application that will eventually, over time, tweet for you, even after you die. This application is the brainchild of London-based digital advertising agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine in collaboration with Queen Mary, University of London. LivesOn has the ability to mimic the actual user, and eventually your tweets become automated and all you have to do is approve or disapprove a specific tweet.

The combination of technology used in this application is made up of Google Prediction, genetic algorithms and Bayesian interface (a statistical method for calculating probability).

The theory is that LivesOn creates your very own twitter twin, once you have created such an account, the app will begin to “study” your every tweet, and begin to create a profile of all your likes and dislikes. It up to the user to choose topics of interest and allow the app to start making the right decisions, and only by the user assisting the app, will it begin to make perfect sense, and will it then start to sound more and more like the user.

There is still no set date for when LivesOn will become live, and no agreement has been made as of yet regarding monetizing the application.

LivesOn has not necessarily received the warmest of welcomes by many people. Some people are not too thrilled about the idea of seeing their relative or friend that has passed on, still tweeting. This idea has been frowned upon by many, and confronts the issue of how people will cope with death whilst an application like this makes it feel that the relative or friend still lives on.

However, the up side to having such an application, is that eventually (while you still alive), you can carry on with your day to day living, without the need to tweet every couple of minutes or hours.

An interview on CBC News with Drew Mathews, a 35 year old avid twitter user, from Toronto has signed up for such a project.

Mathews says, “Sometimes tweets are just movie or song quotes and sometimes it’s situational”.

“I tend to complain about a lot of stuff so I don’t know if (my LivesOn account) will be complaining until the end of time or if it knows I have tweeted about songs and it picks out other lyrics to post.”

Only time will tell how such an application will run, and how much of a good feedback it will get.


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