Shodan Search Engine


In today’s day and age, when confronted with a question we automatically answer “Google it” and we punch in a few words with the hopes to find the answer, and when Google does not find that answer we generally assume it does not exist and forget the question ever existed.

However this is not true, the internet has so much to offer, and when using Google, we only scratching the surface, and seeing what we need to see, and nothing further.

Introducing “Shodan“, dubbed the world’s scariest search engine, and to be quite honest, I can see why.

Shodan does everything that Google does not and everything that shows us why technology, at times, can be a scary thing. Once you register with Shodan, you automatically become a “legal hacker”, for lack of a better word.

Shodan calls up numerous things that fly under the radar, things such as: traffic lights, security cameras, home automation devices, heating systems and anything else that’s connected to the Internet, but aren’t necessarily at the top of typical search results.

This is not seen as a problem by Shodan developer John Matherly, as he depicts that every user needs to register with Shodan, therefore unveiling who is searching what and why they searching such information. In my personal opinion, this is something that can be bypassed by any professional hacker. These are some of the reasons that Shodan is considered to be the scariest search engine around.

Some of the most concerning discoveries on Shodan is the command and control system for a nuclear power plant, as well as a French hydroelectric plant. Someone even had the opportunity to set traffic lights to “test mode”.

With a search engine like this, it is only a matter of time before hacking becomes even more out of control than where it stands at the moment.